What is SMSF Financial Services?

We provide ASIC approved Limited Licences to Accountants who want to work in SMSF Space

Get Started

What You Get

Once you have completed ASIC RG 146 compliant Diploma in Financial Planning approved by us, you can apply to us to become our Authorised Representative to provide Limited Advice to SMSF Trustees on 24 areas of where SMSF Trustees will need financial advice from an accountant.

Why Use Us

We are the only Limited licence providers who offer one click online method of issuing Statement of Advice to SMSF Trustees on your letterhead with your digital signature on identified 24 areas of limited financial advice. We offer one platform, where Trustees can upload their annual data for you to complete their annual financial statements which can be audited on the same robust online SMSF audit software.

How it works

You log in to our website (or your own website - if you integrate with ours) and add all your SMSF clients on the Document Manger. If you allow your clients, they will be able to upload their data each year for you to prepare financial statements. If you want to issue any of the 24 Standard Statement of Advice (SOA) to any one of your clients, depending on the situation of your client – you will invoke the relevant SOA and enter the relevant data and with a push of a button email the SOA to the client under your letterhead with your digital signature on it. For more details, click here