About Us

This website is owned and operated by Deed Dot Com group. We provide online legal document delivery and management service. All our documents are written in very easy to understand plain English language by a leading Sydney law firm Batallion Legal.

Your answers to our cleverly designed structured questions, with clues to answers and explanations to questions, create perfectly customized documents automatically, for your needs and are emailed to you instantly. Our system allows you to store (protected by password) all company related legal documents on our website for future update and download through the internet, instantly via email.

We also own a family of websites servicing financial sector such as accountants, financial planners, solicitors etc.
Some popular websites owned by the group are trustdeed.com.au, onlinecompany.com.au, actuarialcertificate.com.au, formacompany.com.au, expresscompany.com.au, onlinecompanyregistration.com.au, ptyltdcompany.com.au, onlinesmsfaudit.com.au etc.